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Case Study Google My Business by Peanut Masala

Bakindia is a store in Coimbatore, a town in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. They supply baking accessories for home bakers as well as for commercial baking establishments. There is a huge number of deep discount,  online stores which are a big competition for stores in this sector. While Bakindia does not give deep discounting, they do have a premium range of brands and products which are liked by all their customers.

The store had limited physical sales but Bakindia takes orders from across the country on phone and through a very basic website. They were not making enough profits to sustain the business as well as have a decent income. Like any business, Bakindia wants to grow its presence online but the budget is limited and hence paid ads as well as influencer campaigns were kept off the table for the time being. Re-inventing the website is also not an option at present due to limited financial resources available.

We suggested a combination of Google My Business using an already present profile as well as optimization of the current website so that we can help them reach a point where they can jumpstart the business to a point from which it can be launched in a bigger, better way. 

Note: No activities involved outflow of money. The only money spent by Bakindia was in employment of our services.

This case study speaks purely about the work done on GMB and not on the challenges and work done on the website. On the website also, despite the heavy competition, we have managed to get Bakindia in the top positions for some short tail keywords within around 5 months but that’s a different story.

Our intention was two pronged:

  1. Improve the walk-in customers in the store through better visibility on Google Maps through GMB.
  2. Try to reach out to customers across the country by improving direct calls made to them by people in Coimbatore as well as other parts of the country.

    What has been done and implemented:
  • A system has been setup in the store to ensure that any new customers are requested for reviews on google. The reviews has gone to 83 genuine reviews with an average rating of 4.6 within 1.5 months.
  • Images in relevant categories including store, products etc were optimized and added. This has also been made into a regular process to ensure that new products keep getting added. We are also ensuring keyword search for faster selling products and optimization of content.
  • GMB has been optimized for being SEO friendly in terms of store directions as well as calls and messages coming through GMB. 


Please check below our results over a period of 4 months only.

You can check the Google My Business Case study along with the images as follows:

Below Images Report are from June 2023 to Oct 2023

Business Profile Interactions +62.6% 

Calls made from your Business Profile +35.1% (vs Jun 2022–Oct 2022)

Messages sent from your Business Profile +133.3% (vs Jun 2022–Oct 2022)


Direction requests made from your Business Profile +67.4% (vs Jun 2022–Oct 2022)