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Top 15 Email Marketing Tools to change the marketing game for your business

Are you trying to shortlist the most effective email marketing tool out of a staggering number of more than 450+ email marketing tools? The first question that will come to your mind would be that it is even worth the time and effort. Well, it certainly is because it is one of the simplest, effective, and cheapest ways of marketing if done with the right tools.

Here’s a list of the top 15 email marketing tools for a successful lead generation campaign.


SendGrid is a cloud-based email-sender platform without maintaining an email server and is considered the pioneer in client communication. Apart from its award-winning Application Programming Interface (API), SendGrid enlists features like group email sending, customer segmentation, flexibility in editing mailers, etc.


The beauty of using Lemlist is that it automatically allows users to create customized images and videos. Lemlist offers features like streamlining and automating follow-ups and repetitive tasks, scaling without compromising on quality, etc. which have a great potential to benefit marketing teams, SEO agencies, & recruiters.


Moosend can automate repetitive tasks, formulate behavioral mailers complementing the subscribers’ preferences, customer segmentation, performance report, etc. Additionally, it can easily be integrated with some of your preferred apps to exchange information between different platforms easily.


There’s no doubt that MailChimp is considered the most popular tool because it offers a lifetime free email marketing plan and smart recommendations feature to optimize the marketing campaigns.

MailChimp can be integrated with platforms like wordpress.com, shopify.com, etc.


HubSpot is a prevalent platform known for its automated marketing. It has very recently introduced a free email marketing tool in the market that can benefit smaller enterprises. Easy within-integration of HubSpot tools with its email marketing is exceptional. As you sign-up with HubSpot, it provides access to these tools, which helps you manage all contacts in one place.


Trello does not allow you to send emails, but it requires integration with Mailchimp to do it. Combining the two makes it a win-win situation because you can attach the templates through Trello and send mailers through MailChimp. Trello lets you manage and identify any hitches in the workflow by providing essential performance data.

Benchmark Email

If you are looking for a tool that helps you create responsive and attractive emails irrespective of the device you are viewing, then Benchmark email is to vouch for. It allows you to edit images, add effects, and edit the text in your mail right on the platform. It gives access to thousands of pre-designed templates for designing emails.


Hootsuite does not have a feature to send emails directly and focuses on social media marketing but allows integration with other popular email marketing tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact. However, you can fetch out data analysis and performance reports of the email marketing campaign through Hootsuite.


SendinBlue offers a complete business package that includes SMS and email marketing. It makes designing captivating emails very simple with a user-friendly drag and drop editor. SendinBlue offers amazing features like automation of transactional and follow-up emails, identifying the best time to send out mailers for maximum output using their AI algorithm, including 300 mails/day in their free plan, and so on.


In Sender, you can design HTML-free newsletters by customizing templates. The top reason to recommend Sender is because of its fantastic analytics feature. It lets you fetch performance data and create precise subscriber profiles for better results.


Omnisend is essentially an e-commerce marketing platform though email marketing is included only in its free plan. You can design newsletters with Product Picker, where you can select the catalog of products you want to include. Additionally, vouchers and discount codes enhance the impact of your emails.


SendPulse is a culmination of various marketing platforms, but email marketing is what its mostly known for. It lets you identify the most valued customers using the subscriber ranking feature. It allows analysis of the click rates and read rate of the recipients. Additionally, you can personalize emails by replacing fields like name, designation, important dates, etc.


MailerLite offers special features like building an active landing page & customizing pop-ups, apart from the other essential features that an email marketing tool should offer.

It is best to try several versions of your email to shortlist the one that gets you maximum conversions.


Mailjet is a dynamic and collaborative tool that allows real-time team collaboration. You can customize emails and link your CRM to manage customer communication through one panel.


EmailOctopus is operational on the Amazon SES framework. It is ideal for small and medium scale businesses because it allows sending unlimited emails with no restriction on the number of recipients. It's easy to integrate with other popular applications like MailOptin & WordPress to smooth exchange information, making it even more desirable.

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