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Press Release

A press release is a short news story about a brand, product, person, or service that a noted professional writes and releases in the media. The idea is to stimulate the interest of journalists, publicists, and people towards the topic and ignite a debate about it on different online platforms. It is a part of the marketing strategy, as what press releases talk about a specific business has a significant impact on its growth.

The companies desperately looking for effective marketing strategies to popularise their brand have found a promising solution in press releases. A precise compelling story about your brand is great to launch your product in the market and attract more people towards it. There are experts in every niche whose content is most looked up to by people. If these journalists or publicists talk good things about your brand, your market credibility will improve drastically.

Earlier, press releases were limited to the newspapers and published only after the editors’ approval. Things changed with the onset of digital marketing. Now there are countless platforms that publish your brand stories over the web for everyone to read. Moreover, digital press releases have multiple add-on features that can help in increased user engagement. You can put hyperlinks to other related articles or your product or services page to improve your visitor count. More visitors would mean more people getting to know about your brand, and when they get redirected to your product page, there are chances of them turning into a sale!

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