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Rank YouTube Video on Google Search Engine Case Study

In this case study I am going to show you how to rank you for video on Google search engine and get more views for YouTube videos. You might have seen many articles and videos on how to rank your videos on Google search engine but might be getting enough information but not exactly what are looking for sometimes but here I am going to show you how to get your videos rank within 10 to 15 days of uploading your videos on Google search engine.  

Let me show you one of my case study as follows:

How it Started:

Adaptiveus , One of the business analyst training Company in US UK Australia and Canada and across the world. Due to the lack of access to YouTube search engines, their videos have been optimized but not friendly to rank them on Google or YouTube search engines. Adaptiveus has uploaded  plenty of videos on the YouTube channel but They were not  SEO friendly. 


They want to rank the YouTube videos on YouTube as well as Google.  They have come up with a few videos and share it with inputs for which keyword they want to rank. 

Process 👍:   As follows by step by step 


After receiving the videos from the client we analyze  the outcome of the video like voice over, visualization, Size, length,background, noise and other standards of the video where we need to focus as per YouTube requirements. 

Competitors Analysis: 

We have focused on  Competitors Analysis like keyword research, Meta Tags, Thumbnail, Endscreen, Cards. 

During the  keyword research we have sorted all the keywords from our competitors and made a list of them along with keyword volume. This has helped us To keep them  tags of our client videos.  

Thumbnail: Based upon Content used in Videos, We have designed Thumbnails and uploaded them according to video. Keynote is thumbnail should be having standard Size. 

Meta Tags:   Have optimized the titles as per SEO friendly Using primary  keyword and one call to action Along with brand name.  Basic technique will help the Client to Generate business. 

Meta Description: This is the Key element to rank videos on YouTube, We have optimized content using keywords, Links, hashtags. 

Chapters: Bring Chapters is a difficult task to us and finally we have optimized them using YouTube Tips and Tricks. 


Hashtags: Top Keywords are used as hashtags and placed in Meta Description. You can “n” of hashtags for videos but limited editions of keywords are shown on YouTube. 

Location: We have added Locations to Videos, this helps users to rank videos in targeted Location. Note: This Tip is limited edition only, it can gain your business in local marketing but YouTube will only display Sometimes. If your hashtags are visible then Location will disappear. 

Other Solutions: Added End Screens, Cards, Playlist to the Videos which are relevant too. 

Results:  Below screenshot,   you can see the YouTube case study that we optimize and rank the  YouTube video on Google search engine. You can also check out the keyword “ cbap training”  Target at locations in the United States of America. 




You can check out the analytics of the video as per the  YouTube case study.  Since we have uploaded the video we have got 7 subscribers, 500+ Views and 50 hours of the video. Everything we have generated organically there is no promotion way to this videos. 



If you want to rank your YouTube Videos on Google Search Engine. Please Book Free Call for 30 Minutes with us.  Contact us for YouTube Marketing Solutions.