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Why You Need an SEO Consultant to Increase Your Google Ranking?

On the surface, SEO may seem like something you can do on your own or pay someone who knows a thing or two about content to do for you and you would save a lot of money. If you think like that, you probably need an SEO consultant much more than you realize because there are a lot more complex aspects of SEO that you need to pay attention to if you want to increase your Google ranking.

Sure, you can create content, build links and monitor the performance of your site and you may even see a bit of an improvement in your ranking, but many times that will not be enough and eventually you will stagnate. Why? Because there is a lot more that goes into SEO and you would be better off letting a consultant do that for you. Let us take a closer look at some of the things they can do.

Research and Understand the Website

It would be a mistake to apply a one size fits all approach to all SEO jobs. A consultant knows that each website is unique and may have its own needs. What you may have already done contributes to its strengths and weaknesses so the consultant would carry out an audit of the website as well as analyze its performance. This usually will begin with checking Google Analytics, this will provide good insight into what is going on with the website, it is like checking the vital signs of the site.

The research will involve keyword searches to find out which keywords are most effective for the site, which keywords have the most traffic and which ones would be relevant for that site. In most cases, a consultant will recommend that you try to rank for those that do not have a lot of competition.

Link Analysis

This is still part of understanding the site, before building links, the consultant needs to see what links you already have. Sometimes a website may have created links that could get them penalized by Google and it is important to identify such links. They could be the reason the website is not ranked highly. The consultant would find all those faulty links and get rid of them.

Auditing the Site

This would be the final stage of understanding the website and it will involve several aspects. A site audit may include the following and more: Checking URL structure, inspecting tags, analysis of loading speed, meta descriptions, and internal links. The audit seeks to find out if it is easy for visitors to use the site, if the site is following Google guidelines and if the site is profitable for the owner.

Study Data and Plan

Once the data from the research, analysis, and auditing is collected then the SEO company in India will begin to make sense of it and start to plan strategies that can improve the ranking of the website. The action taken will be part of an ongoing process which will include many activities. The company will inform the client of some of the things that need to be done and give an estimated time frame for the accomplishment of the different tasks.

SEO Implementation

Now it is time to start the actual SEO work that will improve the Google ranking of the website. What may be done will depend on what the audit and analysis revealed but some of the actions may include the following:

Overhaul Website

At times the entire website needs to be redesigned to achieve better results. This can be needed if there is just so much that is wrong with the website that it may take the same amount of time and money to fix it as it would to redesign it. Some of the reasons for this may be that the design is old fashioned and the code is not SEO friendly.

Create Content and Market it

Content is what will bring visitors and the more visitors, the better the ranking, so using researched keywords, a consulting firm can come up with the most appropriate content and go-ahead to market it.

Building Quality Links

There is a difference between simply building links and building quality links. An SEO firm worth the name will help you build quality links that are effective for SEO.

Continuous Monitoring and Research

The research never ends, you always need to know what the competition is doing, where you are positioned and what you can do better. The SEO company will do all that for you using different tools.

Online Publicity

Your website will benefit from being in the limelight and an SEO consultant would know just how to get that done without being spammy or irrelevant.

There are a lot more activities that go on behind the scene that a consultant would be able to do for you and the results would be seen in your Google ranking. The key thing is they provide quality since that is their job.