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YouTube Marketing Case Study

Client YouTube Channel Name: 2C Training Solutions - Kannada
Client YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@2CTrainingSolutions/
Our YouTube services helped 2C Training to reach users on Google Search Engine and
YouTube Search Engine for Relevant Keywords terms of Videos.


About 2C Training

2C training was started as a channel for guiding students studying for accountancy and
related courses in local languages. The intention is to assist kids who study in Kannada to
guide them in their journey.


The founders started this as a free service for students. They did not want to spend any
extra money on advertisements or marketing. In addition, the videos are not added
regularly. Both these factors impact SEO improvements and to initial boost.
The founders have zero knowledge of youtube marketing and relied completely on us for all

Work for Us

Our task was clear.
1. Help the clients in figuring out the topics on which to make content.
2. Upload and optimize the given videos to ensure maximum reach over time.

3. Reach monetization level ASAP with zero marketing spends.
Duration of project

We went on board for 1 year initially with 3 half yearly extensions totaling 2.5 years.
Services provided to Client:
1. Topic research
2. YouTube channel Optimization
3. YouTube Thumbnail Designing
4. Content Marketing
5. Keyword Research
6. Video Editing
7. Monthly Reporting & Planning
8. Consultation and Guidance

Channel Growth

The channel crossed 10K subscribers soon after!

A screenshot of the traffic source below will verify that none of the views are inorganic /

Client Review : How was your Experience with Peanut Masala for YouTube Marketing
which was provided by them?

“The entire journey was amazing. In the beginning, we had no clue of what was needed and
how to proceed. We just knew what we wanted. Peanut Masala team literally hand held us
from the word GO. They discussed, who we were targeting, how we should proceed, what
we should do. Almost everything was detailed and conceptualized. For whatever the
channel became, we have only Peanut Masala to thank. Wishing them an amazing journey.”
– CA Raghavendra Teertha

Our Thoughts
We believe that regular videos at regular intervals would have done wonders for the
channel. The same was communicated in exactly that many words. Unfortunately, the
founders had their regular work to do and making videos beyond what was necessary
became a difficulty. The channel continues to generate revenues. The breakeven has been
achieved which basically means our cost has already been recovered by the client.
Youtube and many other video publishing websites are an amazing way to reach out to a
huge audience in a very personal way. It can be an amazing place to start engaging people.
Basic things like responding to people is an amazing way to make them feel like they are
being listened to. Its an amazing long term tool for generating passive income as well.